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PTI Services help our customers acquire, design, develop, modify and project manage telecommunications sites, for cellular network deployments

We Work Harder: Network Operators, Utilities, Fortune 500 Corporations and Public Safety agencies rely on PTI to design, develop and manage their networks

PTI Services provide a broad range of fully scalable telecommunications field and engineering services for Wireless and Fiber Network operators. PTI are responsible for the deployment of quality-engineered networks and have engineered thousands of miles of fibre networks and managed thousands of wireless facilities from design inception to on-air. These represent technology upgrades that connect millions of people through the ability to make calls, send messages and access the internet and other datasources unharnessed.

The Team at PTI Services is highly qualified, professionally licensed and managed by telecommunications experts with decades of collective experience. PTI continues to build telecom infrastructure networks for Network Operators, Utilities, Fortune 500 corporations and Public Safety agencies and are uniquely qualified to design, develop and manage any network.

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Site Acquisition, Planning and Permits

PTI Services support our customers with deep expertise of land use and leasing to secure real estate for telecommunications sites. Our process identifies leasable ground space in a dedicated search area, negotiating and securing lease proposals, navigating land-use ordinances, permitting processes and assisting with environmental review requirements. PTI development planning and permitting specialists ensure telecommunication site proposals are coordinated to conform to applicable land-use laws. Our specialists manage the review, submission and approval of each project through a jurisdiction zoning and building permit process.

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Architecture and Engineering

The PTI Services team of architects, engineers, project managers and design professionals leverage extensive knowledge of industry standards, local codes and customer-specifications to expertly design wireless facilities. PTI design group bring expertise of designing new cell sites, modifying existing sites, microwave additions and DAS, and provide our customers all services needed to support the planning, design and construction of telecommunications sites.

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Construction Project Management

PTI Services provide expert construction and project management (CPM) services for our customers, focusing or quality, timely project delivery and optimized costs. CPM Services are tailored for our customers, whether new builds, site modification or technology enhancements. The PTI Services team bring decades of experience in engineering and construction, and have designed and built thousands of facilities in North America.

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Traffic Control Planning

PTI Services provide site-specific traffic control plans, built with aerial and grown-level data and imagery and full-field data collection, enabling detailed engineering plans for any road in any coverage area of our customers. PTI leads the way with W.A.T.C.H and M.U.T.C.D compliant plans, and provide full permitting services with local and state jurisdictions. This means our Our customers are supported whenever they need temporary traffic control plans and permits for any project.

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Our Services

Evolving to
meet market needs

The PTI Services Team constantly captures customer feedback and evolving market demands to develop new programs meeting the rapidly changing needs of our customers and  industry.

Building on core competencies as Engineers, Project and Program Managers, PTI performs network design, equipment selection, site acquisition and architectural and engineering drawings - We also conduct structural analysis and modifications, and construction management. Our scope of experience includes not just tower-based networks but LTE and WiMAX 4G networks, including distributed antenna systems and WiFi, microwave, optical, and IP-based backhaul solutions.

We work faster for our customers - PTI recognize that time is money so we scale our resources to meet the demands of our customer’s accelerated project schedules.

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PTI deeply values the relationships forged with our customers and we are proud of the long work history we have established with each of these valued companies

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