PTI Privacy Notice

Updated: August 2023

The protection of your personal data and your privacy is important to us. We process your data for limited purposes only and in a confidential manner and only on the basis of and by the applicable laws, in particular by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In this Data Privacy Notice, we would like to inform you about the nature, scope, and purposes of the collection and use of your personal data, and inform you about the legal basis of the processing, deletion periods, and your respective rights.

Where we operate in jurisdictions outside of the European Union or where GDPR does not apply (such as in the United States of America), these descriptions and in particular the outlined rights and obligations and limitations to processing do not necessarily apply and nothing in this Data Privacy Notice may be interpreted to establish rights or obligations that go beyond what is mandated by the respectively applicable data protection legislation.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The data controller and your contact person for any queries are:

Name:  Phoenix Tower International Investments LLC

Address: 999 Yamato Road, Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

Phone Number: O: +1 (561) 257-0557

Different entities of Phoenix Tower International may also act as a joint controllers.


The type of personal information we collect and why we collect them

When visiting our website, your browser will contact our webserver to retrieve the sites you wish to visit. In this context, personal data such as (1) your IP address and related location, (2) the date and time of your visit, (3) your computer’s operating system, and (4) your Internet service provider is transferred by your browser to us. These data are processed by our webserver to enable access to and the display of our website.


Our web server automatically saves a record of the pages you visited (so-called ‘logfiles’).  We use these log files to ensure the security of our website, in particular, to prevent unauthorized interference with it and to enable us to exercise our legal rights and obligations regarding such unauthorized interference.


When you contact us via email or our “Contact” form online, we process the following information: (1) Email address and, if you provide such information to us, (2) First name, and (3) Last name. Also, the content of the communication (including personal data you may indicate) will be processed by us to respond to your request.


We may use the contact information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time by following the instructions we will give you by email or by contacting us at the following email address:



How we get the personal information

The personal information we process is provided to us directly by you when using the website, when completing our “Contact” form, or when sending us an email.


Legal basis of the processing activities

The processing activities in the context of your visit to our website are based on our legitimate interests to operate an internet website for communication purposes, optimize our website, and protect it from attacks (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).


The processing of your data in the context of our communications with you (i.e. via the “Contact” form online or via email) is based on our legitimate interests to respond to your requests or queries (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).



Our website is hosted as a Software as a Service on the HubSpot Platform.


We share the personal data received in the context of our communications with you with those Phoenix Tower International entities and departments your request is aimed at.


Transfer of personal data to third countries or international organizations

As a global company, we may share your data within Phoenix Tower International. Appropriate safeguards for personal data transfers within Phoenix Tower International will be ensured through standard contractual clauses.


Possible consequences of failure to provide personal data

To enable visits to our website, processing the above-mentioned personal data is necessary. Otherwise, you cannot display and visit our website.


When you contact us via our “Contact” form online or via email, you are not obliged to provide us with your first name and last name. However, we need your email address to contact you and respond to your request or query.


How we store your personal information

Logfiles obtained when you visit our website are normally erased after 14 days. They may be stored for a longer period if necessary, including if this is required under European Union or national laws or for the exercise of our legal rights.


Personal data processed in the context of our communications with you (i.e. via the “Contact” form online or via email) are normally erased after a period of 5 years after processing the request. They may be stored for a longer period if necessary, including if this is required under European Union or national laws or for the exercise of our legal rights.


Your data protection rights


Under the GDPR, you have rights including:


Your right of access - You have the right to ask us for copies of your personal information.

Your right to erasure - You have the right to ask us to erase your personal information in certain circumstances.


Your right to rectification - You have the right to ask us to rectify personal information you think is inaccurate. You also have the right to ask us to complete information you think is incomplete.


Your right to restriction of processing - You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information in certain circumstances.


Your right to object to processing - You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information in certain circumstances.


Your right to decide what happens upon death - You have the right to define general or specific directives relating to the fate of your data after your death.


How to make a request or complain

If you have any concerns about our use of your personal information or if you wish to make a request, please contact us at


You also have the right to complain to a competent supervisory authority.


This website also stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to improve your website experience and provide more personalized services to you, both on this website and through other media. To find out more about the cookies we use.


PTI Cookie Privacy Notice

This policy is intended to explain what cookies are used by Phoenix Tower International (PTI, “we”, “our” or “us”) and for what purposes when you are visiting the website (the “Website”), as well as how the settings of such cookies can be changed (including, to disable cookies).


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that can be put on your computer or another internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet by a website when you are visiting it. Cookies enable such a website to distinguish you from its other users, provide you with a better user experience, and perform certain functions, depending on the type of cookies used.


Google opt-out

Website users who don’t want their data collected with Google Analytics can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. This is compatible with all major browsers and can be downloaded and installed via the Google Analytics opt-out page.


How can you control or disable cookies?

You can control and/or disable cookies at any time by adjusting your browser settings. Browsers are different, so please refer to instructions related to your browser to learn about cookie-related and other privacy and security settings that may be available. In some browsers you can set up rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, giving you more fine-grained control over your privacy. What this means is that you can disallow cookies from all sites except those that you trust. Also, if you use different devices to view and access the PTI site (e.g., your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) you will need to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit your cookie preferences. Here is a link to general information on cookies (including the explanations regarding the way to disable them depending on the type of your browser).

Before disabling any type of cookies, please consider that:

  • disabling functional cookies may affect the performance of the Website, or parts of it;
  • disabling performance cookies may result in poorly-tailored recommendations and slow site performance.
  • disabling targeted marketing cookies may result in the display of ads that are less relevant to you.

Cookies used on our website:









The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session, and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.

2 years



Installed by Google Analytics, _gid cookie stores information on how visitors use a website, while also creating an analytics report of the website's performance. Some of the data that are collected include the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.

1 day



This cookie, set by Cloudflare, is used to support Cloudflare Bot Management.

30 minutes



This cookie is native to PHP applications. The cookie is used to store and identify a user's unique session ID to manage user sessions on the website. The cookie is a session cookie and is deleted when all the browser windows are closed.




This cookie is installed by Google Universal Analytics to restrain the request rate and thus limit the collection of data on high-traffic sites.



If you have any questions or comments related to this Policy, please send an email to


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